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Creating a lawn is a process consisting of several steps, several of which are critical to the desired result, such as preparing the ground and watering. It is also worth planning the setting up of a lawn, because some stages take time if they are to bring the dream results in the form of beautifully growing grass.

Preparing the ground for the lawn is the basic stage and the most important one that should not be underestimated. In this context, it is necessary to look at them in terms of soil quality and site clearance.


Over time, which is especially visible on lawns that are intensively used and established on heavy soils, the soil layer under the lawn becomes more and more compact (the amount of space between soil particles decreases).


As a consequence, the amount of air supplied to the grass roots decreases and the lawn withers, turns yellow, withers or rots. Then it is necessary to perform lawn aeration.


The purpose of aerating the lawn is to loosen the ground and supply air to the grass root system. In this way, we will provide better conditions for the growth of grass, and the lawn will better withstand intense trampling.

Lawn Aeration.jpg

Lawn scarification is a vertical cutting of the turf to a depth of about 5-15 mm.

Its purpose is to remove dead plant parts, moss and excess felt. Thanks to this treatment, we will provide the grass with better access to water, light and oxygen, and we will remove weeds and moss.

Lawn scarification is needed when the turf no longer looks like a green carpet and begins to resemble a pasture overgrown with moss. The lawn "gives us a signal" that it is time to scarify when the turf becomes too dense - i.e. after rainfall or watering, the water does not soak for a long time and when the grass does not regenerate as well as before.


Let's Enjoy your lawn together. Choosing one of the programmes or individual treatment your garden can be improve by lush, green healthy grow lawn.
All programmes can be upgraded anytime, you can pay by standing order or individual payment for each treatment.
We offer waste disposal for treatments such as Scarification and aeration.

Can not decide which program or treatment would be ideal for your lawn? Contact us today for advice or inspection your grassy area, our team is ready to rescue, beautify, an maintain your lawn through the whole year. Our programmes starts from as little as £7.50 a month for lawns up to 40 sq metre and individual treatments starts from £13.50 and are based on minimum 75 sq metre lawns.



In order for the lawn to be lush green, grow healthily, recover quickly after mowing and take root well, it requires regular fertilization. It is especially important in the spring, because in the winter months nitrogen was washed out of the soil profile - an element responsible for the green color and intensive growth of the turf. Other elements are also important, e.g. phosphorus - stimulates the development of the root system, and potassium - supports the growth of grass, making it resistant to frosts, drought and diseases.

Fast-growing grass has a high demand for nutrients (micronutrients and macronutrients). Therefore, the lawn needs fertilization throughout the season to grow properly. The frequent mowing of the lawn causes us to "take" the grass from the nutrients in the blades. Additionally, if we use a mower with a basket, we do not leave any cut grass on the lawn, which would decompose the soil with minerals. Therefore, it is important to provide the lawn with the necessary minerals in summer.

From September we change the type of fertilizer and start feeding the grass mainly with phosphorus and potassium - both of these ingredients will strengthen the grass and increase its resistance to unfavorable weather conditions. Phosphorus will help in the expansion of the root system of plants, and potassium will increase their resistance to low temperatures and diseases.

Mosses grow well in the conditions of not too cold and wet winters. In spring, their growth is relatively fast and intense, so in wet spring weather, they can dominate the grass in a short time. Time for winter fertilization to prevent moss growth.

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